Haha we were in heaven all day! The flavour of Bio-Hombre Parmigiano Reggiano is a unique blend of lipids and proteins that give this cheese its unrivalled identity. We did have a rental car to get to these locations. [email protected] Spedizione gratuita. As foodies we knew we had to enjoy a Modena food tour while in Italy. The type of cow also has a huge effect for taste and texture, therefore Antica Latteria Ducale uses two different types of cows. Basic Tour: (20 – 35 mins) guided tour + tasting of balsamic vinegars – €5 per person It looks like you guys had some great tours. It was definitely worth the money and we highly recommend the experience. How did you get to these locations? The Amazing Italy Bucket List You Need to See - Our Sweet Adventures on July 16, 2017. This takes up to three days. Anitca Latteria Ducale [email protected] I have booked a private driver for clients in addition to a small tour group that took care of them. Italian Food Online Shop - The Tradition of Casa Ferrarini . Yes, the process is very similar to making wine, they actually use same barrels. Five hundred litres of milk for just one wheel, strict regulations, at least one year of maturing.....never say that this cheese is expensive again. Il 4 Madonne Caseificio dell'Emilia, che ha sede a Lesignana di Modena e aderisce a Confcooperative Modena, ha incorporato la latteria sociale La Famigliare di Correggio, cooperativa nata nel 1949, che oggi conta sei soci, lavora 33 mila quintali di latte l'anno, produce 6.500 forme di Parmigiano Reggiano e ha … Yet, this special day celebrating the "King of Cheese" originated not because of its worldwide palate-pleasing qualities but in response … Via Mazzacavallo, 62 Wow that is amazing. The third step is placing the printing label around the cheese wheel – this is also an Italian law that must be upheld by the producers. The first thing we learned and that everyone should know, Parmigiano Reggiano MUST be produced in the Emilia Romagna region. The name is a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), and it can only be made in the Po River Valley region, composed of Reggio-Emilia, Parma, Modena, and portions of Bologna and Mantua. One of the best places to visit in Italy is Modena because of the FOOD!!! In fact the only cheese for the Modena folk is Parmigiano Reggiano, and especially that made from milk of the Vacca Bianca Modenese (White Cow of Modena). While there are plenty of food tours to choose from, such as pizza in Naples, or wine tasting in Tuscany, we had our hearts set on a Modena food tour of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar! Good luck on that! They do not offer transportation. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Il presidente Nicola Bertinelli, nella relazione introduttiva, ha fatto il punto sullo stato di salute della filiera, mettendo in evidenza la crescita produttiva e la necessità di investire in comunicazione per aprire nuovi spazi di mercato e collocare il Parmigiano Reggiano … If your cheese has the words Parmigiano Reggiano stenciled on the side of the rind, it’s the real deal. Our tour will begin early in the morning in order to catch as much as possible. We could have enjoyed this balsamic vinegar by the spoonfuls, no cheese or fruits needed! One large vat will make two large parmesan wheels, only two! If you are looking for a the best Modena food tour of Parmigiano Reggiano, look no further than Anitca Latteria Ducale! Chiamaci in Negozio (+39) 059 84 85 12. Stagionatura oltre 24 mesi. These cookies do not store any personal information. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Your email address will not be published. I will definitely look into doing this, there’s nothing better than Italian food so I’m sure I would enjoy this visit! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Such products have long been an important component of global trade, but demand for them has grown rapidly in the We can also use Parmigiano Reggiano in the form of ribbons that c We learned that Di Lino and his family have been taking care of this dairy farm for generations and he has a true passion for what he does. Parmigiano Reggiano must be made with completely natural ingredients, using a centuries-old process, in a geographical area of Italy so carefully defined that you can make Parmigiano Reggiano in one area of Bologna but not another. Tasting the vinegars was one of our favorite parts of the entire day. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Parmigiano Reggiano The "King of Cheese" produced by Hombre comes from organic milk produced in conformity with the Consortium regulations. L’area di produzione del Parmigiano Reggiano comprende più province dell’Emilia-Romagna - Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena e parte di quella di Bologna, a sinistra del fiume Reno - e uno spicchio di quella di Mantova, a sud rispetto al Po. From the vineyards, to the processing of the balsamic vinegar and even the bottling – it is all done on property and we were able to learn and see a lot of the process during the tour. If the cheese wheel is not perfect it gets thrown away. Parmigiano-Reggiano is a hard, dry cheese made from skimmed or partially skimmed cow's milk. https://www.anticalatteriaducale.it. Once dry the cheese wheels are moved to the ripening room and kept there to mature for at least 18 months. You definitely should! This certified organic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is aged for at least 20 months. https://www.getyourguide.com/modena-l2733/modena-parmesan-balsamic-vinegar-and-parma-ham-tour-t228802/?partner_id=0XY0SID. Omg yes, their pizza!!! Your email address will not be published. Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for reaching out. At the end of our tour we were able to sample three different Parmgiano Reggiano cheeses – 18+ months, 22+ months and 30+ months. Otherwise, it cannot be called Parmigiano Reggiano cheese – this is the Italian law! And Abtica Latteria made sure we finished our tour in time to get to the next one. Pingback: I’d love to get some of that for my dressing! That is what we did! For the direct link to find your cheese tour click here. We are still looking and hoping to find Antica Latteria Ducale’s cheese in a store in the U.S.. Can anyone recommend a Parmigiano Reggiano … We were told it is great on desserts – sold! During the tour we were able to taste Leonardi’s variety of balsamic vinegars. You would probably enjoy the balsamic vinegar tour! picture courtesy of: http://parmesan.com/craftmanship/aged-parmesan-cheese/. We were able to taste a 100 year old balsamic vinegar – it was like candy! We ended up buying one bottle of our favorite balsamic vinegar that we had tried – a 15 year old balsamic vinegar. Both tours seem so interesting but I’m not sure if I would be ready to pay 80€ for a tour. The important and tedious part is a domino effect of pouring a large barrel into the next smallest one until the very smallest barrels is filled. This is the tour my clients booked with me. We hope you do get a chance to revisit. Se quest’anno la produzione è cresciuta … MODENA – Nonostante la pandemia un 2020 concluso in un crescendo per Parmigiano reggiano che all’orizzonte vede un 2021 che si attende da record.E’ quanto emerge dall’assemblea di fine anno del Consorzio di tutela che ha approvato il bilancio preventivo 2021. The smallest barrel that was filled with the balsamic vinegar is then ready for bottling to be sold to consumers, a.k.a. http://www.acetaialeonardi.it/ing/index.php. The young cheese was more soft and not as bold, whereas the oldest cheese was very bold and hard. Wow, now THAT is so cool! That seems a bit expensive even though the process of making cheese was probably very unique to see. Checkout our Customer Loyalty Program! Il Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano, nel corso dell’assemblea generale, ha approvato il bilancio preventivo 2021. Tasting vinegars must of been exciting! After this post, I hope you will be sold on adding a Modena food tour for your Italy itinerary. It is cheaper than what we found online for group tours and group tours are generally cheaper than private ones. Thanks for sharing! Parmigiano-Reggiano is a delicious, full-flavored eating cheese. This process is called “a Solera” and is done once every five years. We had a rental car to get to both destinations. They treated us to cheese, wine and several different balsamic vinegars. Since this farm has been passed down in the family for generations, Di Lino told us how they have had trial and errors figuring out the right types of cows to have and what hay they need to eat. The first one was a large room with copper vats, which cooks the milk that will turn into cheese. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The first one was a large room with copper vats, which cooks the milk that will turn into cheese. Con le sue visite guidate il 4 Madonne Caseificio dell’Emilia vi dà la possibilità di assistere dal vivo alla produzione del Parmigiano Reggiano. The longer the cheese matures, the darker and more bold the cheese wheel becomes. 059 848512/848166 Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. For example, we learned that the different kinds of hay the cows eat can effect the flavor of the cheese. Typical Tour: (30 – 45 mins) guided tour + tasting of balsamic vinegars with parmigiano reggiano cheese and Lambrusco wine – €6 per person It’s also one of Italy’s most respected cheeses. It has a hard pale-golden rind and a straw-colored interior with a rich, sharp flavor. Stagionatura oltre 34 mesi. Learn how your comment data is processed. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged at least 30 months - Hombre 700g This certified organic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) is aged for at least 30 months. Il presidente Nicola Bertinelli, nella relazione introduttiva, ha fatto il punto sullo stato di salute della filiera, mettendo in evidenza la crescita produttiva e la necessità di investire in … Once we got the very basic knowledge down, we learned that making Parmigiano Reggiano is no small feat, it takes a lot of work and special care and knowledge. Di Lino was always quick to respond to my emails and provide us with all the information we needed to select Antica Latteria Ducale for our tour, he even helped set up our balsamic vinegar tour that they partner with. Lovely tour indeed! The viscosity of the balsamic vinegar was unreal and tasted so sweet! I hope this information helps! We love balsamic vinegar! Rich in calcium and phosphorus, Parmigiano Reggiano from the Vacca Bianca Modenese is not only important for children and the elderly for maintaining a healthy diet; but is also good for athletes since it is rapidly digested and converted into pure energy. You can either go on a Modena food tour such as a food and Ferrari tour from Bologna or you can create your own tour as we did.